E-bike Hinault


Since a few years we rent e-bikes: bicycles with adjustable pedal assistance.

Touring trough the country landscape with a minimum of effort and a maximum of pleasure. Beautiful countryroads, the wind going trough your hair, lovely smells from the forest and the meadows.

Having a coffee in Cadouin, making a daytrip to Monpazier, do some shopping in Beaumont or a picknick between the grapevines. One would not mull about it normally but with these e-bikes its a piece of cake.


We have made for you the package Hinault* wich consists of

5 nights, breakfast included

3  x Tables d’Hôtes, apéritif and wine included

3 days 2 e-bikes

Voor € 600,00 for 2 persons

* This package is valid in June and September


For more information or making a reservation click here