Wellness “Les Marguerites”

To enforce the generous peace of te Dordogne in spring and autumn we offer you, in collaboration with Marielle Spee of “Les Marguerites”, the following Wellness-package:

5 nights, a lovely dutch/french breakfast included

3  x Tables d’Hôtes, wine and apéritif included

1 Day Wellness at Mariëlle Spee’s Les Marguerites including  the outside spa,  a light lunch en 1,5 hour massage per person.

Voor € 700,00 for 2 persons

* This package is valid in June and September
In high-season you can of course book a single massage or even a package at “Les Marguerites”  We will be glad to arrange that for you or you can contact  Marielle via “Les Marguerites”, https://www.facebook.com/wellnessgitelesMarguerites/ or call + 33 6 74 03 40 31.